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Welcome home! Here at WTMX you can make new friends and meet people with the same interests as you. All free and ad-free.

We are WorldTruth.MX a social network. We have been established for around six years, we are free and ad free. We don't data mine or in anyway treat our members like products. We support ourselves through what we call 'gold' memberships, while our website is always free, members who wish to support us can do so through a gold membership which is a small monthly contribution which helps cover our running costs or through a donation.

We have a focus on political activism and free speech and have a diverse, friendly community of members from all over the world!


Our website was founded by Anthony Jordan back in 2012, who was tired of Facebook constantly censoring him. Ant left the site in January 2014 to focus on his career and membership of the site passed to Mary. We've had a rocky road, our 'no censorship' policy attracted the wrong kind of people for a while and we had to restart the site completely at one point and lost a lot of members. But we are a good place to be, an alternative to Facebook and other social networks. We don't have a 'manifesto' and we don't rely on gimmicks. We're not a website, we're a community of world wide friends, join today for free and meet us all!

Update: April 2016 ownership of the site has now passed to Marcos and our domain has changed to (not .org anymore). All the assholes have been removed and staff all have clearly defined duties and responsibilities, previously we had something like 10 staff members none of whom actually did anything, except drive off good members!

We're doing better than ever, stop by and join in the fun today! We are WorldTruth, the original no censorship site, the vanguard of freedom in a world of imposters and rip-off merchants. We are about being ourselves, without censorship, shadow banning or any of the bullshit of the 'big' social networks. We encourage free speech, even when that's against the prevailing 'political correctness' bullshit. We may not agree with what you say, but we defend your right to say it. (except for threats against staff or members, that shit will get you banned for life faster than you can blink)

Update: As of January 2018 ownership of the site has now passed to Michael.

Our other staff members are Dj Doom and Tao. Our owners are Michael

Update: October 2019

Our owners are Michael

Last Update: October 21, 2019