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Jewish hexing expanded

jews do this everyday, all day long to gentiles. except gentiles don't realize the "hex" . I recognize it so I know how to counter it. I boomerang it back to them. they bring nothing but ill will upon the planet. they are a cursed people, a psychic plague. ever argue with a jew?  its constant negativity and condesention in a infinite myriad of ways. 

 The one hex the Jews use the most, on a daily basis is, "you are an anti-semite". What happens to the Gentile when they are accused of being an anti-semite? They clam up. I would respond with maybe a few things, "you are Antichrist" or maybe the correction "anti satanist" . Another is "you are racist". Which is something you want to use first before they do. I might counter with a correction "racialist". Just by calling you a gentile is a hex. Gentiles are defined as heathen pagans. If you identify with being a gentile you have accepted their hex. Common Core is another hex. It's a play on words they trap you with words. Circumcision is a big hex on the Gentile. Fortunately I'm still intact so I can throw it back in their face. I don't really like doing it to non-jews because it can be painful but it would explain why most gentiles are stuck in a state of hexation. Just calling a Jew a Jew, makes them recoil.

I would just tell him to "shut the fuck and get with the program". Using the Bible is a great counter hex if you know what Jesus said. Just telling a Jew "no" " you are full of shit" is a counter. They hardly ever expect a gentile to counter hex. If I know the person is a Jew, I might go above and beyond normal conversation if I slightly disagree, I'll just say "you're a fucking asshole"

For no reason at all other than they are a jew. I study witchcraft. If I keep telling you things that are negative about yourself. If I find a perceived defect about you, focus on it and amplify back to you. It can do psychological damage. Unless you are strong and confident. Everybody has things they are insecure about.

Almost everything is a Jewish hex. There is hexing by agency. Feminism is one of those whete a cursed woman of the Criminal ideology of feminism spreads the curse onto to her husband and family. The husband may make the excuse of drinking alcohol, but that adds to the hex and brings more demons into the house. You can hate the Jews, and still not be jew wise. 

The Jews like to pit their enemies against each other. The obvious one is man against the woman. Especially the European race. Jewish men like to charm European women. Equal rights, the right to choose, equal pay. They tell them how great they are, and how well-spoken the woman is. How she is right while at the same time telling the white man, you're a white supremacist, you are a racist anti-semite. They will give women work usually in public school or at some government office behind the bulletproof glass while replacing the white male with a Mexican or immigrant. These are very bad hexes and have caused great division between men and women this is why women side with Jews all the time and men take the back seat. Public School causes this great Division and gets between the man the woman and between the parents and the children. This is one of the most dangerous hexes of all. Just keeping women and children medicated is a pharmaceutical witchcraft spell. Also very dangerous.
  and  reacted to this.