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jewish hexing

jews do this everyday, all day long to gentiles. except gentiles don't realize the "hex" . I recognize it so I know how to counter it. I boomerang it back to them. they bring nothing but ill will upon the planet. they are a cursed people, a psychic plague. ever argue with a jew? its constant negativity and condesention in a infinite myriad of ways.
The one hex the Jews use the most, on a daily basis is, "you are an anti-semite" . What happens to the Gentile when they are accused of being an anti-semite? They clam up. I would respond with maybe a few things, "you are Antichrist" or maybe the correction "anti satanist" . Circumcision is a big hex on the Gentile. Fortunately I'm still intact so I can throw it back in their face. I don't really like doing it to non-jews because it can be painful but it would explain why most gentiles are stuck in a state of hexation.
That's just wasting time between two Jews. I would just tell him to shut the fuck and get with the program. Using the Bible is a great counter hex if you know what Jesus said. Just telling a Jew "no" " you are full of shit" is a counter. They hardly ever expect a gentile to counter hex. If I know the person is a Jew, I might go above and beyond normal conversation if I slightly disagree, I'll just say "you're a fucking asshole"
For no reason at all other than they are a jew.
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