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It's Crowleyian deception.

Of taking something and turning it upside down and backwards. It's to mock White Christian European values. To see how much you can deceive the Christian. If you listen to Obama's yes we can speech. Somehow they figured out the phonetics of speaking forward that once played in reverse "yes we can" becomes thank you Satan. That's one of the most amazing things. It's not manufactured because people have tested it. They're rubbing it in our faces. None of these people should be in office, Christians shouldn't be so deceived. All the rape allegations maybe fake and staged just to give transsexuals like Donald Trump and Barry Sottero credibility as males. America is so broken and so deceived is pathetic. It's to make ghouls like Weinstein seem like he's a male when he's not. Same thing with Trump. It's to make Michelle Obama to look like a girl when she's not. So they'll make up rape allegations and some woman will go along with it to seem like they have penises when they don't. I don't think Donald Trump is a guy. He has a funny mushroom shaped penis. Penises are not mushroom shaped. Penises do not look like vaginas. I doubt Weinstein will spend a day in jail. I doubt Bernie Madoff spent the day in jail other than for theatrical purposes. I'm pretty sure his son did not commit suicide Mark Madoff. Because he was cremated. Jews do not get cremated. It was his Escape Plan . No body no crime . Because they believe they must be buried whole. Well they blew that with circumcision. Circumcision of the flesh and not the heart.