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Maybe the stresses of the modern day jew slave world have diminished since we are at home with family and loved ones instead of working to death for the kikes. People aren't running the rat race right now. They are decompressing and healing from the usual fast paced toiling for the jew everyday. Who would have imagined that our health could dramatically improve by removing the stress and spending quality time with our families? Oh, literally everyone who knows how damaging stress is on our lives. We might just be seeing an unintended consequence of the jewflu coronahoax- the NPCs realizing that working and stressing so hard for no real benefit to themselves or their families is the number one cause of modern day afflictions. How many people are going to want to go back to being a stressed out slave after this? Sure they will want to get back to work to earn a living, but many of them will not want to undo their stress relief that has improved their lives. The jews fucked up on this part. We may not want to voluntarily work ourselves to death anymore. The rest of 2020 and beyond are going to be interesting as people figure out that most of their ailments came from slaving for the jews.
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