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I get tired of hearing the same tired arguments about why Whites don't retaliate (even though we SHOULD).
"The reason you see so many videos of white people acting like this in America is because 90% of them have lived very comfortable lives."
This is total bullshit.
If fact it's such bullshit that it's the primary push factor keeping me away from the sort of idiots who say those things.
Nobody is comfortable.
Everyone is miserable.
Everyone is depressed.
Everyone is agitated.
Everyone is on edge all the time.
Faggots on the right telling them
"lol ur just too comfortable." is every bit as out of touch as the limousine leftists telling them they are all privileged.
In fact it's literally the same thing.
The right are just making the exact same White privilege argument as the left, using a different, but ultimately synonymous term for privilege.
Whites do nothing because for their entire lives the punishment they received for doing something was worse than just taking the beating.
This isn't random conjecture, it has been well studied, and the people who studied it were the very same weimar/trotsky jews who are applying on Whites.
Nobody is surprised when a new bomb is used by the same people who did the R&D for that bomb, but for some reason nobody makes the connection between R&D and use when it comes to psychological warfare.

Whites have been letting hostile foreign tribes use the institutions they created to develop and deploy psychological weapons under the guise of "science".
Nothing from the humanities is science.
It doesn't follow the scientific method, results can't be replicated, nothing generalizes.
It's just a financial scam run on pseud students, which then generates the money for psychological weapons development by the infected institutions.
The development itself isn't "scientific" either, it's more akin to how physical weapons were incrementally improved in the pre-scientific era.