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So there are two kinds of social decay in my view. The first kind is detrivorous, and the second is fungal. Fungal decay is the more structural of the two, but detrivorous is just more obvious.
And basically we have a society. This society is rich, this society is established. How it got there is anyone’s guess, but there’s all this richness. And richness attracts parasites. These parasites rely upon the strength of the civilization as a means of propogation. A parasite, by the way, is defined as any member who takes from a society but does not contribute.
Social decay completely destroys the civilization -- it is the eating of it. The residual matter left after the fact is feasted upon and reorganized into new plants and animals.
When you see someone pushing something crazy in your society, what you are really looking at is a happy woodlouse rolling around in sawdust. It is playing with that which is already dead. There is no advancing beyond this stage because the matter is already disconnected and consumed. What’s worse is that, if you do not address the structural rot, the detrivorous rot is inevitable. Conscious actors do not just come in the form of political activists, but also in the form of general leeching and crime. Is it any coincidence that leftists have so much sympathy for criminality? Jobs which are not of necessity, drug pedaling, pornography, prostitution, and on and on.
When you see a social degenerate or a board of midwits directing policy, do not be distracted. This is just a woodlouse. A woodlouse crawling on a healthy tree is ineffective; it goes elsewhere for its lunch. Only the rotten fear the woodlouse.
Feminists, politicians, government workers, activists, and so on are detrivorous parasites. They are defined by their conscientious and mechanical interventions; they bore through foundation that is already primed. Their decadence is not as important because, while it is more disgusting, this is material that is already lost; it is the matter which is already powdered and broken away.
The real problem is the fungal decay, which is more foundational. This is the environment which enables the disease. An example of fungal decay would be something like social control through technology, or the social construct of "tolerance".

That is a real problem. Whatever parasites are here abetting their degeneration came after the “fungal” decay had been established.
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