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in modern times, for the overwhelming majority of combat situations you aren't shooting past 400 yards. in pretty much everything except going against non-personnel targets (vehicles, barriers, etc.) and medium-long range suppressive fire, full auto (and even burst fire) is a pointless waste of ammo. at 100 yards any true carbine or rifle caliber will kill you. with a pistol caliber it'll hurt you and piss you off, but it won't do much more damage than a .22lr at 50 yards. the place where the SMG once occupied was in the role of a precision shooting CQB weapon, something lightweight and compact where you could rapidly and accurately pick your target. 'twas especially useful in hostage situations or when going up close and personal against adversaries wearing body armor (aim for gut, groin, thigh, armpit, neck and face). with a handgun in a standard configuration, this is possible but not always practical, mainly because of the fact that you only have two points of contact. they had exactly the right idea in WW1. people are starting to wake up to this. handgun chassis kits and stocks/braces are what has effectively killed the SMG once and for all. the intermediate carbine did quite a number to the SMG's usefulness, but the handgun stocks, braces, and chassis kits are the deathblow, the final nail in the coffin. they're lighter, more compact, less expensive, less complex, and just as accurate as SMGs as is sufficient for the situation they're best employed. some of them can even be holstered and effectively concealed. the two best bang for your buck options, however, come from jew-owned companies. recover tactical (20/20 series) is owned by the jew tamir porat, who was a member of the design team for the tavor series of bullpups, caa (mck 2) by the jew mikey hartman, an idf veteran who was the host of discovery channel's future weapons series. the other options are much more expensive (although not as much as most smgs) and some of them are well worth it, like b&t's usw and (specifically) the flux raider, some (meaning almost everything else afaik) are overpriced at the very least. overall, whichever you decide to get, you're getting a force multiplier for your handgun that makes it more effective in playing the role once occupied by the SMG.
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